Why We Exist

Beloved Brands Inc. exists to help brands to realize their full potential value.  

Everything starts and ends with the consumer. 

Consumers move along a Love Curve in how they view Brands, going from Indifferent to Like It to Love It and finally to the My Beloved Brand for Life stage. As the connectivity with consumers increases, the power of the brand also increases. With that power, you’re able to drive higher growth and increased profitability.

Consumers seek out unique offerings to satisfy their own personal needs.      Consumers have a selfish streak–they want their needs met.  They do not care about what you do, until you care about what they need.   They will never pay more for something they can get for less.  They’ll never shift away from a favourite brand unless they can get more.  And once they discover that new brand that satisfies them better, they’ll move without hestiation.

Most marketers will tell you that branding is about finding a unique positioning.  That is important.   But I think positioning creates a connectivity with your consumers that can be then used as a source of power to drive growth and make money.  The more love for your brand, the more valuable it will become.  I will help your brand become a more beloved brand and in turn a more powerful and more profitable.



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