Start a “Hate” page for your Brand, and See if People Show Up

374407_171920299616168_1131330890_n-1If you are serious about the hearing the Voice of the Customer, than start a hate page about your brand.  You might be shocked at how many people show up, and you might find richness in what they have to say about your brand.  

In sports, they say people learn more from losing than from winning. When you lose, you can look at what exactly you did wrong, and from that you can see what you need to do in order to change, so that in the future you will be more able to win.  While it’s more fun to win, no one really learns anything.  

Are you serious about Voice of Customer?

If you are serious, ask yourself why you are gathering the data?   Is it to find out how wonderful you are or is to find the flaws you can fix.  I have sat in research collected Voice of Customer (VOC) meetings, and have seen people get so excited when the score goes up from 38% to 39%.  Everyone starts to smile, mainly because these are connected to the goals for the year-end bonus.   A few of the positive verbatims are read and people beam with pride.  Then a few of the negatives are read, there is silence the room.  And then it’s back to how great the 39% feels.  Click on that Rogers page and read some of the stories that consumers are have taken the time to post about the Rogers brand.   Every Rogers executive should start their day off by reading these stories and figuring out what they are going to do about it. Before their competitors do something about it.  

Isn’t it better to Attack Yourself on Facebook Before Your Competitor Attacks You in the Market?

I know it sounds a bit crazy, but imagine the richness you can get from starting a “Hate” page for your own brand on Facebook and hearing what’s wrong so that you can attack yourself and fix your flaws faster than your competitor can find them and expose them in the marketplace.  It’s the modern-day version of manning the Call centre for a day.  One tool I love using is the Leaky Bucket. A great exercise in exposing your flaws–your leaks–so that you can attack them.  The learning you might get from your “Hate” page on Facebook might help you populate.  It adds richness to the data of a VOC study.    


It’s a great tool for a Brain Storming off-site meeting.  The way the tool works is go through every stage that a consumer goes through as they interact with your brand, as they move from Indifferent to Like It to Love It and all the way to Beloved Brand.  Write down what you think it is that people like about your brand at each stage, and then start writing down why they leave your brand at each stage.  This is where the richness of attacking yourself comes into play.  ATTACK!!!  You’ll likely begin seeing “leaks” that you can fix.  These leaks are what you can attack and close, so that you’ll retain these consumers rather than lose them.  

Attack Yourself Before Others Attack You

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