People Who Can Speak On My Behalf


Wes Pringle, U.S. General Manager at Pfizer Consumer Healthcare

“I managed Graham directly through a variety of positions over a period of 7 years. To say that Graham is a talented marketer is an understatement. Graham is a remarkably gifted leader who brings excellent strategic discipline and a fresh way of looking at the business to any challenge. His talent can be seen in his business results which have been consistently excellent.”

Ted Lachmansingh, Group Brand Director, Johnson and Johnson 

“I have had the privilege of knowing Graham Robertson for over ten years, working alongside him as a peer and ultimately reporting to him for over a year. In that period I have observed and experienced his unique ability to develop a passionate consumer-oriented performance-driven culture. That to me is the ultimate sign of a great marketing leader. Graham has an infectious passion for the consumer and for developing others. That combined with his ability to push his team members to excel, makes him a true “leader of leaders”.

Jason Betik, Sr. Brand Manager at Johnson and Johnson

“In the couple of years that I worked for Graham I received a first class marketing education. Graham’s boot camp style of instruction is perfect for the development of brand managers. He challenges you to be better, makes you question your decisions with rigour and provides the right level of coaching to bring you to the next level.   Anyone that has had a chance to work under Graham’s leadership is simply “lucky”. He makes marketers.”

Monique Gomel, VP of Marketing at Earls Restaurants

“I count working for Graham Robertson as one of the more fortunate things to have happened early on in career. Not only is Graham a brilliant marketer and inspiring leader (who actually walks the talk!) he is a truly committed coach who takes the time to develop his teams and get the best out of people. The lessons I learned working for Graham at Pfizer have given me an edge in my career, and continue to stick with me today. Lucky for me, Graham has remained a mentor who I still turn to for guidance on business issues and professional advice.”

Nick Relph, North American Director of Marketing at Carlsberg Beer

“Graham and I have worked together over many years and he is a marketeers marketer. He exhibits a great balance of the strategic and practical, he is able to identify opportunities in mature categories and the most challenging environments. With a solid understanding of how to identify and capitalize on consumer needs, he has a track record of developing on the insights to help develop the tools to achieve overall brand and corporate performance objectives. Graham’s work is not just based on consumer understanding, but his overall experience and past successes, I would highly recommend Graham’s work.”

Nicolas Pepin, Director of Marketing at Abbott  

“Graham is an exceptional seasoned marketer, one of the best I’ve ever worked with. He has a well developed strategic mind that can translate a complex concept into a well orchestrated tactical plan. He has a passion for teaching marketing and is good at preparing his team members to perform at the next level.”

Tim Barnes, VP Marketing at Central City Brewery

“Graham helped us through a roadblock issue we had faced for sometime internally, and distilled it down to manageable pieces. Using his tools and coaching, we came to a solution together, and are very happy with the result.”

Jack Perone, VP, Strategic Planning, JWT

“Unabashed, straightforward and focused on driving performance, Graham Robertson is a world-class marketer that has the skill, passion and to commitment to “get to great” consistently.    Graham was instrumental in getting to big brand ideas across the portfolio.  His focus on the consumer and passion for great advertising set new standards in communication performance for Pfizer Canada and subsequently J&J.   From Listerine to Benylin to Nicoderm and beyond, the multiple Cassie awarding winning campaigns are enduring brand ideas that will drive performance for years to come.   Globally, the work has been recongnized as World Class and picked up in multiple markets; locally, it wouldn’t have happened without Grahams leadership;  and personally, it was a real pleasure to work with him and a highlight of my career.”

Dean Hore, VP, Associate Creative Director, JWT

“Graham is the kind of client agencies kill for.  He’s passionate, strategic and more creative than most of the creative folks I know.  I mean how often does a creative guy hear, “Is that the best you got?” from a client.  With Graham as my client I did some of the most interesting, adventurous work of my career – breakthrough work that moved product by the truckload and propelled the brands forward.  If you get a chance to work with Graham, take it.”

Lana Jenson, Brand Manager at 3M

“Graham provided expert advice and reliable suggestions during coaching sessions to build brand performance with my team. His knowledgable experience was extremely valuable. I would recommend leveraging his expertise for brand coaching, teaching and brand planning.”

Julia Shreve, Assistant Marketing Manager at General Mills

“Graham is a passionate champion of his clients’ brands.  He listens carefully and quickly gets to the key issues. His years of experience allow him to adjust his approach to help clients tackle any challenge – he’s likely been there before. He always delivers pragmatic advice and solutions, and clients who work with him feel confident, inspired and energized to deliver results.” 

Karishma Mohan-Ram, Student at University of Toronto

“Graham was the reason why I came out of university feeling ready for the working world. He effectively taught our class how to write the best creative briefs and marketing plans and develop marketing strategies. The projects were exemplary what I now do at my job. His ongoing support as my mentor is what I hope all Professors would provide. I was very fortunate to have Graham as my Professor, and I feel that his teaching has helped to set me apart from others.”

Raji Bonala, Consumer Insights Manager, Johnson & Johnson 

“Graham creates advertising magic. I have the greatest respect for his ability to pick the best consumer insight – true to the consumer but also one that can be leveraged creatively to make advertising consumers love & remember. His advertising has reshaped categories, launched successful innovations and changed habits – all evident in the business results he has achieved. His passion is infectious and he has the knack of creating true teams – a group of people who are collectively motivated to achieve the best for the brand and in the process, find the best in themselves. He doesn’t shy away from tough decisions and is a true brand custodian.”

Peter Fedasz, Controller, Sun Products Corportation

“Graham is a phenomenal marketing/business leader. He has a very strategic mindset, and is able to quickly and accurately distill consumer insights and translate them into marketing strategies. He can see the big picture, but is also comfortable in delving into the details when necessary. He is also a tremendous people developer, and many of his colleagues have leveraged his teachings and coaching and have gone on to successful senior marketing careers.”

Scott Grenz, Director Media Buying for North America, Glaxo SmithKline

“As a media professional, it is refreshing to work with a Marketer like Graham who is media-savvy and truly appreciates the role of a properly constructed plan in addressing his brands’ needs. Graham provides candid and constructive feedback that allows me to provide him with delivarables that meet those needs. I enjoyed my time working with Graham and would jump at the chance to do so in the future.”



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grAbout Graham Robertson: I’m a marketer at heart, who loves everything about brands.  My background includes 20 years of CPG marketing at companies such as Johnson and Johnson, Pfizer Consumer, General Mills and Coke. The reason why I started Beloved Brands Inc. is to help brands realize their full potential value by generating more love for the brand.   I only do two things:  1) Make Brands Better or 2) Make Brand Leaders Better.  I have a reputation as someone who can find growth where others can’t, whether that’s on a turnaround, re-positioning, new launch or a sustaining high growth.  And I love to make Brand Leaders better by sharing my knowledge. My promise to you is that I will get your brand and your team in a better position for future growth. To read more about Beloved Brands Inc., visit   or visit my Slideshare site at where you can find numerous presentations on How to be a Great Brand Leader.  Feel free to add me on Linked In at  or on follow me on Twitter at @GrayRobertson1

I run Brand Leader Training programs on this very subject as well as a variety of others that are all designed to make better Brand Leaders.  Click on any of the topics below:

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  1. Hi, I woud like to know if you only work with big american companies?

    I’m part of a traditional food company at the 4th generation, This company was founded in 1926 by my grandmothers aunts in Mexico City and since then, making only tamles as they should be all arraound the world. They are simply the best.

    The problem that we have is that the 3th generation didn’t keep the brand on track, and now me and my two brothers inheritate the brand and we want to do things right.

    Please let me know if there is any interest of helping us out.

    I will get this brand to the US some day… If you come to Mexico some day you have to try them.


    Mauricio Peralta
    Tamales Flor de Lis

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