Beloved Brands Inc.

At Beloved Brands, we make Brands and Brand Leaders better.

We can help you with your brand strategy, whether that’s planning, positioning or execution.  And we can help you with training and coaching of your brand leaders.  We love knowing we were part of helping someone to unleash their full potential. We will challenge you to Think Different. We believe the thinking that got you here, will not get you where you want to go.

Beloved Brands has a growing reputation for finding growth where others couldn’t. We love to help on turnarounds, brand re-positioning, sustaining success and new launches. Our Client list includes NFL Players Inc, Earls restaurants, 3M, Sun Products, 649 Lottery, Carlsberg beer, Slimquick, Red Racer beer, Shagri-la Hotel and Fluke. 

Our President and Chief Marketing Officer, Graham Robertson is a brand leader at heart, who loves everything about brands. He comes with 20 years of experience at companies such as Johnson and Johnson, Pfizer Consumer, General Mills and Coke, where he was always able to find and drive growth. Graham has won numerous new product and advertising awards. Graham brings his experience to your table, strong on leadership and facilitation at very high levels and training of Brand Leaders around the world. In terms of social media, follow my blog at or follow me on Twitter @grayrobertson1

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  • Brand Strategy & Planning
  • Marketing Execution, Creativity/Brainstorms
  • Turnaround Specialist, Change Management
  • Executive Leadership Team Facilitation
  • Brand Audits, Deep Dive Analysis and Research
  • Agency Evaluation, Coaching, Searches
  • Brand Training and Personal Coaching
  • Webinar/Video Training
  • Motivational Speaking on Branding
How we can Help Your Team  

Strategic Planning: How we can make your Brand better through strategic planning workshops:

  • Strategic Brand Plan with a vision, mission, objectives, strategies and tactics.
  • Brand Positioning based on a unique selling proposition.
  • Creative Briefs that are ready to serve to your agency.
  • Brand Analysis; deep dive to uncover the key issues.
  • Brand Research that finds winning rational and emotional benefits.
  • Advice on execution on anywhere from media to creative.
  • Prioritization of Activities
  • Senior advisory role on your team.

You will walk away with an Action Plan that you can immediately put into play.

Beloved Brands Leadership Learning Center:   We can make your People better and help them reach their full potential through Brand Leadership training and coaching

  • Writing a Brand Plan
  • Better Strategic Thinking
  • Developing a Brand Positioning
  • Writing a Creative Briefs
  • Deep Dive Brand Analysis
  • Getting Better Execution
You can get a training program customized for your team, which will meet specific needs and I provide coaching at the brand team level or personalized one-on-ones.
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