The Red Book

I created The Marketing Red Book when I was leading the Marketing Team at Johnson and Johnson.  It was designed specifically to help Brand Leaders at all stages of their career.   It outlines the values you need for success in your career.  It dives deep into the analytical skills needed to do a brand review.  It outlines the sections of an effective Brand Plan and how to write effectively.   In terms of advertising, it lays out how to do a deep dive advertising strategy, creative briefs and how to judge advertising.   It talks about the pros and cons of each medium and how to develop an effective media plan.   And there’s some key examples of one pagers that can be used for Brand Platforms, Brand Plans and Creative Platforms.

How to Be a Successful Brand Leader

I hope this section helps you to see the values and principles that make someone successful in a marketing career.  As you go into your career, it’s important you realize that you have gaps.   And working on your gaps is what will separate you from the pack.   

The Brand Planning Leader

It’s important for every brand to do a deep dive brand review at least once a year.  I’d also recommend doing a monthly report just to keep everyone that’s closely connected to the brand constantly aware of what’s going on.  

The Advertising Leader

Advertising is all about finding the brand truth and then finding the best expressions of that truth.  To your average consumer, advertising looks easy.  But once you’re on the hot seat, you’ll quickly realize just how hard it is.  Most brand leaders are not very good at advertising.  What separates the great is their ability to connect with the creatives, stay big picture and take a few chances along the way.  

The Communications Leader

While creative is one part of the communications equation, the media is the other side.  And knowing the ins and outs of the various media options available to a brand leader is crucial.  Media is a combination of efficiency and impact.   


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