Have your say: Is this Holiday ad cute or offensive?

Most ads at Christmas are warm, loving story-telling moments that tug at your heart-strings. And along comes this ad from Joe Boxer and K-Mart which at first blush appears to be relatively cute and harmless.  It’s not that offensive, until of course, you link it to the sacred time of year:  Christmas.  



It sure stands out, and it has tremendous sharing capabilities with over 12 Million views on-line already.  But to show how polarizing this ad is, the Ad tracking shows it scores extremely high on attention, but very low on relevance.  It scored extremely high in the “dislike” category, however at the same time it scored very high on “likeable”.

This appears part of K-Mart’s shock value advertising they are using this year, following up on “Ship My Pants” ad below.


Brands really only have four choices:  better, different, cheaper or not around for very long. Both of these ads are cute ads, but neither really says why you would ever choose K-Mart.  Slide1I’m sure the ad industry likes them.  But you can get free shipping of lousy pants at many stores these days.  And Joe Boxer has pretty good distribution across most chains.

So aside from the shock value of these ads, is there really anything sustaining for K-Mart?  In Canada, there was a store called Zellers that used the same shock value style ads.  They just went bankrupt.

I’d mark this down as to a bad and confused creative brief, with a client more intent on seeing advertising as fun than effective. 

Have your say:  Will the new K-Mart ad drive more sales or not?

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