New Google Ad will make you cry, without understanding a word that is said

I remember this old P&G advertising guy who always said “you know you have a good spot if you can turn the sound off and still get the ad”.  Try that one time and see if it works because it’s very hard.  

Here is a new Google ad where there is no English at all and yet the story is easy to follow.  If you want, you can turn on the Closed Captioning by hitting the tiny CC button at the bottom right of the video.  I watched it without understanding one word that was spoken and I was able to follow along.  And i cried. 

The ad is beautifully shot, and feels more like a mini-movie than a TV ad.  Well, it is 3 minutes and 32 seconds.  They stay authentic to the culture, with great visuals, music and language.  The story is simple–about two friends who have not seen other since their childhoods. 

The ad shows how much we rely on Google for looking up, finding, tracking  or just checking any little thing that makes our lives just a little bit easier.  Slide1It captures our attention, getting millions of likes already as it’s being passed around social media networks like Facebook and Twitter.  it involves the brand throughout without too much branding.  The tears generated at the end makes you want to pass it on, so they can experience what you just did.  Well done.  

The irony of Google, is they have done some of the best Ads this century–most notably the Google Parisian spot, which they aired during the Super Bowl a few years ago.  That spot was deeply engaging, showing how much we rely on Google in our lives.  I love this spot. 

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22 thoughts on “New Google Ad will make you cry, without understanding a word that is said

  1. Thanks for sharing Graham; yes it worked and I cried too! This is how thoughtful ads work. They magnificently touch your feeling and you know why you love Google? cause it is not a company to you any more, its a caring, sweet human being!! That is where Brands should head to go.

  2. I understood every word since it was in Hindi.

    But I understood the universal emotions even more. Didn’t need the words.

    Commendable performances and excellent direction. And, you’re right, it’s very authentic to our culture.

    Google may just have brought our two nations, that history unnecessarily sundered, a bit closer.

  3. The ad is relevant in the cultural context. For people from India and Pakistan, the partition of 1947 brings painful memories when families and friends were torn apart. The ad captures how Google’s technology brought together two friends who probably would not have been able to meet otherwise.

  4. Hey Graham ! Thanks for sharing this here. I am Indian and I can understand the whole ad very well, For rest all : India pakistan got separated in 1947 and many of them have to leave their best friend for ever. Rest all is self explanatory

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  7. Oh my God…so touching and brilliantly executed…you do know the story yet the narrative, visuals, keep you engrossed…
    Being a true Hindi film romantic buff…I was imaging sparks flying between the two grandchildren….as viewers we are entitled to our – #JustImagine freedom 🙂

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  11. That is one exquisitely made commercial. Wow. I had a hard time not crying. Which is what makes this one of the scariest ads I’ve ever seen. Google is no more the enabler of life moments than Air Canada, Bell Mobility or any other brand that makes such a claim. People are the enablers, not their brands. The scary thing? Any one of those brands could have made that commercial and it still would have (almost) made you cry. That’s the scary thing.

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