Best Tourism Ads on the Planet

Ad_Newfoundland_240x240As we hit the fall, it’s a great time to be thinking about vacations.  Here are some of the Best Tourism ads from around the world.  Too many Tourism spots use a montage of clips against a cute wholesome song and put on a cheery tag line that says very little and offends very few.  Most tourism ads all look the sam.  The challenge for tourism groups is the number of constituents they must please really inhibits the risk taking that would push for greatness. 

Here’s a few of my favourites.   Feel free to add others.    

Newfoundland and Labrador in Canada

This ad captures the pure beauty of Newfoundland, a province on the east coast of Canada.  Pure desolate and rugged beauty.  This campaign  enticed me to go to Newfoundland and it did not disappoint.  Best photos you’ll ever come back with.  I’d go in the summer though, as it can be rather chilly (even then).



This campaign does a great job in capturing the diversity that India has to offer.  “Incredible India” 


New Zealand

New Zealand borrows the richness of the Lord of the Rings to showcase the diversity of New Zealand.  I was lucky enough to film a TV ad in New Zealand.  

Air France

I love when ‘quiet’ is used to capture attention.  Without showing classic montage of clips, this spot offers the beauty of ballet and a style that just screams France.

South Africa

Showing a bit of the personality of South Africa mixed in with soccer to showcase the World Cup of Soccer.  

Las Vegas

And of course, after Vegas tried for decades to promote the “good” Vegas for family fun, they finally nailed it when they went the other way and said “it’s a bit naughty” with “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”.

Tell me an Ad that influenced you to take a vacation.  

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8 thoughts on “Best Tourism Ads on the Planet

  1. Even though I had already picked India as my next travel adventure (I did not see their ad to help me make my decision to visit), I still remember being at the Indian visa office in Brampton and looking at a poster of India advertising an experience in the dessert with the caption ‘Incredible India’. It was at that moment that I decided that I too would visit the dessert and go camel riding. My dream came true and it was one of the most memorable experiences I had in that country ….. then again India is so incredible, that there were similar experiences like that every single day. Their campaign is a true testament to what their country offers.

    • I’m “ok” on the Brand USA stuff. The 60 was good in that it showed untraditional elements of America, but the 30 was awful. It’s what happens when you use a vignette of cool stuff, without really having a brand idea.

  2. I agree that the Newfoundland ads are really fantastic. I had no idea that part of Canada was so beautiful, and the people so charming. Makes me proud to be Canadian.

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  4. Thanks for your sharing. They really inspire me so much. Love “Incredible India” & a little bit of “quiet” from Air France Ads. How fantastic they are!

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