12 Thought Starter Quotes to challenge and inspire Brand Leaders

Here are some thought starters that I hope one of them gets you to think about your role as a Brand Leader just a little bit differently.


“Consumer Insight comes to life when it’s told in such a captivating way that makes people stop and say “hmm, I thought I was the only one who felt like that”


“When picking a target market, focus all of your limited resources against trying to matter the most, to those who really care”


“Half way between the exactness of Science and the unknown of Art lies the power of an IDEA that can bring them together”


“Everyone wants to be an out-of-the-box thinker.  How about being an in-the-box thinker, where the box is your strategy”


“The most Beloved Brands are either different, better or cheaper.  Or else, not around for very long”


“Consumers don’t care what you do until you care what they want.  Instead of just yelling what you do, put yourself in the consumers shoes and ask yourself 5 times “so what do i get?” and then ask another 5 times “so how does that make me feel?”


“If your brand only has 3 strategies and each strategy only has 3 tactics, then you should be able to do an amazing job on all 9.  Much better than the current list of 123 things you’re trying to do”


“The better the people, the better the work, the better the business results.  So then, are you doing enough to make your people better?”


“Ask “Do you love it?” and watch their eyes to see if they tell the truth.  Because, if you don’t love the work, how do you expect your consumer to love your brand?”


“A Beloved Brand uses the love consumers have for the brand to replicate the positional power of a Monopoly.  And from that power, the Beloved Brand drives stronger growth and higher profits.”


“Smart Media Plans start with understanding where the customer is, not where the media is”


“Most marketers will tell you that branding is about positioning and communication.  But positioning is actually just a means to driving growth and making money”

Challenge yourself to get better every day.  


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Brand LeadershipI run the Brand Leader Learning Center,  with programs on a variety of topics that are all designed to make better Brand Leaders.  To read more on how the Learning Center can help you as a Brand Leader click here:   Brand Leadership Learning Center


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About Graham Robertson: The reason why I started Beloved Brands Inc. is to help brands realize their full potential value by generating more love for the brand.   I only do two things:  1) Make Brands Better or 2) Make Brand Leaders Better.  I have a reputation as someone who can find growth where others can’t, whether that’s on a turnaround, re-positioning, new launch or a sustaining high growth.  And I love to make Brand Leaders better by sharing my knowledge.  Im a marketer at heart, who loves everything about brands.  My background includes 20 years of CPG marketing at companies such as Johnson and Johnson, Pfizer Consumer, General Mills and Coke.  My promise to you is that I will get your brand and your team in a better position for future growth. Add me on LinkedIn at http://www.linkedin.com/in/grahamrobertson1 so we can stay connected.


4 thoughts on “12 Thought Starter Quotes to challenge and inspire Brand Leaders

  1. Really love these 12 brand thoughts! It really puts everything in perspective, especially when we should instead put the shoes on the other feet on what the consumers’ needs are instead of what the businesses are always screaming, “look at me, look at me”….Good stuff!

  2. Loved the “stay in the Box” comment. I find the “think outside the box’ hrase so tired. I plan to use this to challenge this.

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