5 Ads that will Give you Goose Bumps

Here are five ads that I love and do a good job going into the emotional space, whether it’s a mass retailer, a utility or a shoe company.  They do a nice job trying to connect the consumer tightly to the brand.  While the ads do that, does the brand do what it takes to back it up when you experience that brand?

Nike’s “If You Let Me Play”

Similar in tone to “Find Your Greatness” from 2012 Olympics, Nike released this inspiration A back in 1995 about the benefits of having girls play sports.  What does this ad say to you?  To read about Nike’s “Find your Greatness” follow this link:  Nike’s Find Your Greatness

Ram “Farmer’s”

Aired during this year’s Super Bowl, it’s one of the best spots I’ve seen.   Using Paul Harvey’s story telling hit a positive vibe with Farmers, and Americans in general.  Simplicity of idea, yet story telling at it’s best.  They didn’t over-do the branding, but consumers were so engaged in the ad, they were dying to know who is it that’s telling this story.  

 Canadian Tire “Bike Ad”

This ad makes me cry.   We can all remember our first bike and how special it is. In Canada, Canadian Tire was that store, prior to Wal-Mart entering the market.  Now, Canadian Tire can’t deliver on this promise, because it too resembles Wal-Mart–no longer where you go for your first bike, but rather buy Tide when it’s cheap.

Bell “Dieppe”

Wow, a utility delivering an ad that gives you goosebumps.  I’ve been to that beach in Dieppe and it does command such intense feelings.  As you can tell from the phone at the end, this was in the early days of Cell phones, trying to link the idea of connecting anywhere.   While this is just an ad, I do wish that utilities would try harder to connect with consumers at every stage of the consumer’s buying journey.  

John Lewis “Christmas 2011”

Every Christmas, British retailer John Lewis has been releasing campaigns around Christmas.  To me, this one is the best, especially the ending.   While it’s August and we aren’t thinking about Christmas, I’ve been waiting to see the new John Lewis Ad the entire year.   I can hardly wait!!!  John Lewis is an employee-owned retailer, with a very unique culture that delivers on the brand.  To read more on John Lewis, follow this link:  John Lewis story

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18 thoughts on “5 Ads that will Give you Goose Bumps

  1. Lovely ads. Thanks for sharing. There was an ad in this ilk from National Insurance which was part of the Ogilvy Magic Lantern. Showed a father watching her daughter dance. Haven’t seen it in a long while. Your ads reminded me of it

  2. Thanks for this…. the Canadian Tire ad is my all time favourite. Drove home the essence of the brand in a way that pays dividends still today, judging if only by the fact that I continue to shop there even when the laundry detergent isn’t on sale.

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