What’s the Most Beloved Brand In Education?

It depends what kind of love you're looking for from higher education.

It depends on your criteria.  If it’s a non-stop party action without getting kicked out, University of Georgia is consistently ranked in the top 10 of parties schools.   And technically, that might make it the most beloved.   Georgia actually has tough admission standards, but that might just be the same way that a hot bar also attracts a crowd.

But the strongest most respected brands in higher education are Harvard at the top followed by schools such as Princeton, Oxford or Cambridge.  Maybe Stanford, as the cooler, hipper, west coast answer to Harvard.   Maybe MIT or Cal Tech for the more mathematically inclined.  Criticize them all you want, snub your nose back at them or rationalize why you chose somewhere else.  To many people, it sounds like you got help from Daddy.   But these brands do help to separate a student from the pack upon graduation and sits on their resume for the rest of their lives.


Harvard makes $150 Million a year from selling t-shirts.

When students choose a school, in a way, they are borrowing  a piece of the equity from that school in how they want to portray themselves.  Harvard has a lot of equity from which Students can borrow.   Place in History:  With 375 years, there’s a long list of noble alumni–including 8 U.S. Presidents, 50 Nobel Prize Winners, dozens of Pulitzer Prize Winners and Supreme Court Justices plus a very long list of CEO’s.  Harvard even has a long list of Harvard drop outs including Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg or even Matt Damon.  Harvard Schools: Whether it’s Law, Medicine, Business or Political Science, each school on it’s own, finishes at or near the top of their disciplines.  Graduates are sought after, commanding strong salaries and a robust Harvard Alumni network, notorious for helping out at all stages of their careers.  The Harvard Cache:  There’s something romantic about Harvard, as it’s portrayed in movies such as Love Story, Paper Chase or The Firm.

Harvard’s beloved brand status translates into Brand Wealth.   Harvard’s endowment is estimated at $28 Billion, double it’s closest rivals and dwarfing the University of Georgia party school ($572 Million) or Canadian schools like University of Western Ontario ($318 Million) or Queen’s ($527 Million)   Harvard’s revenue per year is $9.3 Billion which would be about the same size as Starbucks or Southwest Airlines.   Harvard has many sources of revenue, including investment gains, student tuition and donations.  Harvard even generates a whopping $150 Million in T-shirt sales, people just wanting the smallest slice of the Harvard brand.  Now that’s brand wealth.

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